Need Professional Air Conditioner Filter Replacement in Watkinsville, GA or the Surrounding Area?

Are you searching for an experienced contractor who can repair your clogged AC filter? Perhaps your air conditioning or HVAC system is no longer working properly, and you suspect the filters could be the problem. If you need an air conditioner filter replacement in the Watkinsville, GA area, Athena Air Heating and Cooling has your back. We offer all types of air filter services, from installation and cleaning to repairs. 

Air conditioner filters are components of the AC system made of spun fiberglass, cloth, or pleated paper, enclosed in cardboard frames. Their function is to clean the air passing through the AC system by trapping dirt and dust particles and pollutants. Therefore, filters are very important in an AC system—they prevent these contaminants from being passed on everyone in your home. If you need an air conditioner filter replacement in your Watkinsville, GA home, talk to us. We offer expert services for all filter-related problems. 

The Importance of Air Filter Services

Air filter services are inevitable for every HVAC or air conditioning system. This is because of the vital role filters play in heating and cooling systems. Filters need to be cleaned regularly and replaced when necessary. 

Failure to properly clean and regularly replace air filters can have several negative effects in the home. First, clogged filters overwork the AC system without optimal results in cooling or heating. This may, in turn, lead to high energy bills. Moreover, overworking of the fan motor can result in its breakdown altogether, necessitating costly repairs. Also, clogged filters will lead to poor quality of indoor air. This is because of the circulation of unfiltered dirt and dust, which can lead to health problems. 

If your Watkinsville, GA home AC system filters are not working well, you will need an air conditioner filter replacement. We can quickly identify any clogging in the filters, and replace them to restore optimal function. 

Our Expert Clogged AC Filter Contractors Can Determine Whether You Need a Replacement

How often do you really need to replace your air filters? Several factors will determine this, depending on the unique circumstances of your Watkinsville, GA home. These factors include the type of filter in the system, the level of pollution in the area, and the number of pets in the home. The quality of indoor air, as well as the number of people in the home, will also inform the need to change filters. Generally, the frequency of air filter changes can range from once every few months to annually. 

If you are wondering who to call for air filter services, we are here for you. Our expert AC filter contractor will be able to check on your system and advise you on the need for changing filters. You’ll also have the option to sign up for a maintenance plan, which will include routine checks and filter replacements as needed. 

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